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Our Products - Other Services - Marking Out Grid Layouts on Sub-Floors
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During many projects there is a necessity for some of the services required in the floor void area to be installed prior to the floor itself. In such cases, it is advisable that service installers are aware of the precise locations where supporting structures for the floor are to be positioned as clashes leading to alterations to works at a later date affect both project timescales and costs. The solution to this is to mark out the sub-floor to pinpoint where pedestals are to be installed. This is achieved with the use of chalk/string lines and floor marking paint (usually yellow). The whole grid is not necessarily needed, but can be provided on request.

An additional benefit from laying out the grid is that it can highlight unforeseen floor structural requirements (e.g. bridging) thus providing time for solutions to be agreed and planned prior to installation.

This example of a grid layout depicts a 2.4m grid marked between columns where the edge of the panel is to line up with the centre of the column in both directions and where 600mm x 600mm panels are to be used in the project.
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