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It goes without saying that all construction projects should be well planned priors to works being commenced. Simply deciding the order of events and timescales when different trades should start and finish can be a mind blowing experience! As more and more companies impose project overrun penalties, it is vital that as much as is possible is done to prevent these costly penalties from being levied. A well thought out works schedule alone goes a long way towards achieving a successful result.

Access Floors Limited can assist in the planning phase by advising on such things as:-
  • Should the floor be installed before ceiling works can take place and, if so, should protection covering be purchased for the floor?

  • Should the floor be sealed and a grid marked out prior to installation of under-floor services?

  • Is a single delivery of materials O.K. or are planned, phased deliveries required?

  • Is on site project management and/or supervision needed and, if so, for what duration?

  • Are there any specialised structural requirements (e.g. non-standard bridging over large duct works)?

  • Does the chosen grade of floor panel (i.e. light, medium, heavy) still suit the project needs?

  • What can be done to protect a vinyl finished floor when other trades are required to work on or beneath it after it has been installed?

These types of questions and many, many more can be resolved prior to commencement of any works by using our project planning service.

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