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Our Products - Other Services - Applying Sealer to Sub-Floors
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Concrete sub-floors generate large amounts of dust due to their crumbly nature and the often incessant human and mechanical traffic over them during a construction project. Airborne dust is very undesirable as it can cause serious breathing and other health problems for those working in areas it exists. This is especially relevant when a raised access flooring system is used as an air plenum because of potentially expensive downtime due to dust particles being blown into machinery, computer equipment, etc. This circumstance also could expose workers to receiving damage to their eyes when lifting panels to perform under-floor maintenance programs. Constant cleaning costs is another factor to be taken into consideration.

To help prevent the formation of dust, sealer should be applied to sub-floors. This can be performed by either brushing on or spraying, whichever is preferred, and can be undertaken before and/or after installation of flooring. Combined with an under-floor clean once all installation and commissioning works are completed, an additional coat of sealer leaves a clean, fresh looking finish.

Sub-floor sealer is available in a variety of colours. 
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