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Prior knowledge of potential problems during a raised floor installation is very beneficial to have. Surveys can be undertaken in areas where flooring is to be installed before any works are due to take place to determine if and where any potential issues lie.
  • Where are the high and low spots of the sub-floor?

  • Are different length pedestals required to cater for any high or low spots on the sub-floor?

  • Will pedestals bond correctly to the sub-floor or will surface aggregates mean that mechanical fixing is also required?

  • Will there be a need for specialist bridging to be manufactured to allow installation to be completed?

  • Are there any services already installed that may require modification to accommodate flooring levels?

  • How do we deliver raw materials to areas where they will be required?

  • Does the approved grid layout force the need for oversized panels to be used in some perimeter areas to compensate for small edge gaps that are unable to be catered for by cutting down standard panels?

These are but a few of the things a site survey can determine.

Full findings of surveys we perform are submitted to the builders, allowing solutions to be designed and implemented prior to any works taking place.

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