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Our Products - Under Floor Support Structures
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Under floor support structures include pedestals, stringers, bridging and bracing. As with flooring panels, pedestals and stringers are also supplied in light, medium and heavy grades to comply with the industry standards.

Supplementary items also include conductive head gaskets, Stringer gaskets, etc.

Access Floors Limited can provide any required under floor support structure materials. All items that we use or supply conform rigorously with PSA/BSEN performance requirements.

Pedestals available from Access Floors Limited allow installations to take place where the floor void is as low as 25mm up a metre and above. As with panels they can be supplied in light, medium and heavy grades and with or without head gaskets.
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Stringers can be supplied whenever they are required to be fitted to the under-floor support structure (e.g. where there is a deep floor void or where the load bearing capabilities of the installed raised access floor are required to be greater than standard). These can also be supplied in light, medium or heavy grades and with or without surface gaskets.

Stringers also come in either clip on or screw down formats.
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Bridging and Bracing

Individual project requirements for bridging and/or bracing can vary widely. It is therefore best to contact us for advice should your project require either or both of these options within the under-floor structure.

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The picture to the right depicts what we believe to be unique to Uniflair™ installations - that being a further pedestal support installed beneath the centre of the panel with diagonal stringers attached to the central pedestal in conjunction with standard edge stringers thus greatly enhancing the structural capabilities of the installed floor.

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