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TacFast® System Products

TacFast Systems International has developed innovative, cost effective and environmentally friendly products that allow multiple types of floor finishes to be applied to bare floor installations that are quick and easy to install - please click on the link below to see a video on YouTube showing the simplicity of installation:-

 Access Floors Limited is now the sole UK authorised dealer for these products.

Core Technology

The core technology behind this type is installation is based on a releasable system of attachment (Hook and loop) that is installed in two parts:-

  1. A free-floating substrate (not glued to the bare floor) that has a hook surface (LocPlate® products).
  2. A surface material (final finish) that has a loop fabric covering its entire underside.

The hook and loop mechanical fastening has been designed to meet the specific characteristics required to have a permanent yet detachable floor covering. The hook on the LocPlate® substrate has been engineered to aggressively hold the flooring surface in place with high shear (horizontal) and tensile (vertical) strength while, at the same time, providing minimum peel strength allowing for easy removal of floor surfaces if required.

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Life-Cycle Cost Benefits

Life-cycle costs are defined as the anticipated costs relative to a project throughout its life. When it comes to flooring, traditionally these costs include, but are not limited to, removal costs of any existing flooring, preparation of the subfloor to receive new flooring, materials and finally, installation. Should the need then arise to replace the floor covering, these costs are incurred all over again. With TacFast® installations the need for many of the actions is eliminated, particularly with second or subsequent floor finish changes as the base sub-floor LocPlate® products are already installed and are warranted for up to 25 years. This of course means that the steps involved to replace the finish are reduced to simply removing the existing one and replacing it with the new one and this is where significant benefits can be achieved in life-cycle costs.

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  • No adhesives required when installing the base LocPlate® products.
  • No fumes from adhesives.
  • LocPlate® products are re-useable.
  • LocPlate® products are recyclable.
  • Polypropylene used in the manufacture of hook LocPlate® hook plates and discs is the same grade as that used in food container applications.
  • An optional ultrasonically welded cushion is available on the underside of LocPlate® hook plates and discs which delivers outstanding resiliency.
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  • Hook and Loop mechanical fastening is detachable.
  • Surface finishes can be easily removed from the base LocPlate® product by breaking the mechanical bond.
  • Quick, clean and odour free removal of surface finish products.
  • Multiple surface finish installations can be used with the base LocPlate® products.
  • Easy access to the existing floor for:
    • Anytime access to sub-floor.
    • Cleaning spills from under surface.
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LocPlate® Product Specifications

Specification files in Adobe Reader portable document format (.pdf) files are available below (if you do not have access to the free Adobe Reader software please click here):

  LocPlate® Products - General Specification 

LocPlate® Products Specification - for Hook Plates without backing

LocPlate® Products Specification - for Disc without backing

LocPlate® Products Specification - for FR Hook Plate without backing

LocPlate® Products Specification - for FR Disc without backing

LocPlate® Products Specification - for Hook Plate with 3/8" foam

LocPlate® Products Specification - for Disc with 3/8" foam

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Frequently Asked Questions - General

Q:  Do cushions specifications work with this system? 
A: Yes - LocPlate® products can be specified with a cushion that is ultrasonically welded to the underside of the hook plates and discs.  TacFast currently offers a 1/4" and 3/8" closed cell polyethylene cushion for use with the system.
Q: How do changes in atmospheric conditions and relative humidity affect the TacFast system?
A: Atmospheric conditions and relative humidity should not affect TacFast systems. Hook plates and discs are moulded with polypropylene, a material that does not absorb moisture. The gaps between the locked hook plates and discs are designed to accommodate for thermal contraction and expansion that they may experience when exposed to variable temperatures.
Q: How does sub-floor moisture affect the system?

A moist concrete surface does not negatively impact the installation, the quality and/or the lifetime of LocPlate® products. The combination of moisture and the polypropylene of the hook plates and discs will not contribute to degradation of the concrete; in fact, polypropylene does not react with either water or concrete. LocPlate® products act as a water and (with some limitations) vapour barrier. Vapour and moisture that is migrating through the concrete will condense between the surface of the concrete and the polypropylene. This layer will prevent further moisture migrating out of the concrete. Generation of mould or mildew underneath LocPlate® products is very unlikely as mould and mildew require three things to grow: food sources, moisture and mould spores. When based on concrete, LocPlate® products eliminate at least two of the potential sources of mould and mildew growth - if the concrete is cleaned before installation, the food source will be removed and if there are no big cracks or steps in the floor, there will be limited or no airflow which is necessary for the spreading of mould spores.

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