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Are you confused? Is there a technical solution to your flooring problem?

Let's say that you need to move a very large, heavy piece of equipment across an area of raised access floor. Will the floor be capable of handling the weight without collapsing or will you have to spread the load somehow? What would be the best form of mechanical aid to transport the equipment in this situation?

In another circumstance, you have some bulky equipment that needs to be installed within the floor void. What is the maximum distance you could span using standard bridging? If you can't use standard bridging in this scenario, how do you resolve the issue?

As a final example, you have a need for a variety of different floor load bearing specifications to be installed into a single room or area of floor whilst maintaining the same finished floor height. This usually means that the panels are different thicknesses so how can this be accommodated during installation of the floor?

These and numerous other questions of a technical nature can be answered using our Technical Support service.

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