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Versaflex® Systems Products

Versaflex® Systems has developed a unique, versatile flooring system that is ideal for retail, office, domestic or even temporary environments. No adhesives or wet grouts are used with the system meaning that it is a completely dry installation that can be walked upon as soon as it has been laid. The installation process is so simple that it can be up to 6 times faster than conventional wet lay ceramic tile installations to complete. This, along with the fact that there is no curing time required for adhesives or grouts, means that following trades can come in faster to undertake any works that may be required.

Finishes incorporate either a class 1 porcelain tile, a carpet tile (when used with the Versaflex® System carpet tile grid) or a combination of both.

Maintenance is also simple as tiles can be removed and replaced individually in a matter of seconds.

The system can also be laid on top of raised access floors allowing fast, easy access to the raised floor should access be required to any services installed under the floor. It can even be laid on top of existing hard finish installations.

Access Floors Limited can now supply and install these products.

Please click on the link below to see a video on YouTube which clearly shows the speed and simplicity of installation:-

System Core Technology

The core technology of this system is made up of three components:-

  1. A grid which is fully bonded to the surface and is made from recyclable material.
  2. A grout which is fully flexible, recyclable and designed to click the whole system together giving a completely dry installation.
  3. A surface which is fully bonded to the grid component.
Grid Grout Surface

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Life-Cycle Cost Benefits

Life-cycle costs are defined as the anticipated costs relative to a project throughout its life. When it comes to flooring, traditionally these costs include, but are not limited to, removal costs of any existing flooring, preparation of the subfloor to receive new flooring, materials and finally, installation. Should the need then arise to replace the floor covering, these costs are incurred all over again. With Versaflex® installations the need for many of the actions is eliminated, particularly with second or subsequent floor finish changes as it is a simple matter of lifting out the existing tile(s) required to be replaced and clicking back in replacement one(s). This of course means that the steps involved to replace the finish are reduced to simply removing the existing one and replacing it with the new one and this is where significant benefits can be achieved in life-cycle costs.

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  • No adhesives required when installing Versaflex® products.
  • No fumes from adhesives.
  • Versaflex® products are re-useable.
  • Versaflex® products are recyclable.
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  • Individual tiles are easily detachable.
  • Surface finishes can be easily be changed.
  • Quick, clean and odour free removal of surface finish products.
  • Multiple surface finishes can be used within the system.
  • Changes within office layouts can be quickly and easily catered for.
  • The system can be taken with you if you move to an alternative location.
  • Easy access to the existing floor for:
    • Anytime access to sub-floor.
    • Anytime access to under floor services.
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Versaflex® System Specification

A specification file in Adobe Reader portable document format (.pdf) files is available below (if you do not have access to the free Adobe Reader software please click here):

  Versaflex NBS K40 Specification v1.1
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